Adobe Firefly AI Is Out of Beta in Photoshop and Illustrator

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How To Use Photoshop AI: Generative Fill Explained

Well, Adobe has not announced a price increase for the photography plan — yet. I’ve decided to add another years worth to my subscription just in case they do raise the price with the next major improvement in Lightroom. They banned me several times for multiple reasons, constantly coming up with new ones, even if I did everything in my power to follow their guidelines. They kept all those photos (about 6,000) and used them to train this Firefly product- I got an email about it. I was never paid for this of course, and I’m sure many others had their content stolen and were subsequently banned.I also noticed many commenters on here stating they haven’t raised their prices.

Some extra canvas was created to the right of the image above and the Generate button was clicked when the text prompt box was empty. AI Generative Fill will add, extend or remove content based on the text prompts Yakov Livshits you give. You can turn off the visibility of this newly generated layer and view the original photo underneath. Similarly, you can click back on the generated layer and have access to all your generated options.

Image/Icon Generating AI Tools for Designers: I tried them all and here are the Pros and cons

At every step in the photographic process, the photographer is making choices that affect the final result; that’s the very nature of the process and cannot be escaped. One of the biggest considerations with AI image generators is the training data used to help create the content. Adobe is still touting that, unlike the major hitters like OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Midjourney, or Stability XL, its text-to-image AI is only using images from its own Adobe Stock service. We reached out to Adobe for clarification, and we’ll update this piece if we hear more. There you go – you’ve got a new layer in your file with the added options, and you can always click Generate again to get some new choice to review if you’re not happy with them. The generated options are also saved in the layer, so you don’t lose the ability to swap between them.

adobe photoshop generative ai

With ZirconTech as your committed technology partner, you can be assured of solutions that deliver tangible results. Certain features, including generative fill, might be region-specific. Generative fill may be available only for specific subscription plans. Verify whether your current plan includes access to this feature. In the dialog box, select “Generative” from the drop-down menu next to “Contents.” This will activate the generative fill feature.


Things that would have taken forever for even the most highly skilled Photoshop user can now be done by anyone in just a few minutes. Generative Fill turns Photoshop into a playground for your imagination, and the world of image editing is now open to everyone. Yes but that’s no longer photography if they enlarge past a necessary percentage. What ever “art” they assume creating from there is not relevant to me. You can fill a space to fix an issue or even enlarge slightly to help framing, but doubling a canvas size for creation is a totally different approach to fill and really should be called new canvas. Most people are probably using Generatve Fill for more interesting things that I would use it for.

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We’ll show you an example with two video game character images created in Midjourney. We’ll start by creating a blank canvas measuring 1800px by 1024px. Then we’ll import the first image into your canvas by clicking the import button on the contextual taskbar. One thing that Photoshop AI doesn’t do well is determining instructional prompts.

Once downloaded and installed, open Photoshop (beta) and either click New File to start with a blank canvas, or drag and drop an existing image into the application window. For this demonstration we’ll be using a couple of different photographs, both taken recently with an iPhone and not previously edited in any way. There are lots of AI tools already capable of doing this, and here are the best AI art generators for 2023. But now Adobe has added a new function called Generative Fill to the latest Photoshop beta, more people than ever can experiment with AI-powered artwork and image editing. If you are not satisfied with the generated image you have created start again and enter new text prompts. Afterward, graphic designers can customize the AI-generated selection via tool settings.

All I can find on the Adobe website is a Firefly subscription for 100 credits for $4.99 a month. For image creation AI, I personally think that overall MidJourney is the superior model at this point. It is server based but it does an exceptional job in so many ways. Still, if there’s a better LR replacement out there, someone let me know.

To use Photoshop’s AI Generative FIll you will first need to download and install Photoshop (Beta). However, if you want to use Generative Fill from within Photoshop, you won’t be able to do this for free – see above for your options. This means you need to have a paid Creative Cloud subscription which includes Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to recent updates, Generative Fill also makes Photoshop the best program to restore old photos.

adobe photoshop generative ai

In order to imagine what might be, for instance, going on around the Distracted Boyfriend, I had to expand the canvas of the image and then reposition the original so there’s ample white space (background). Lastly, what happens if you crop tightly Yakov Livshits around the car above, then give the AI a much larger blank canvas to play with? Firstly, it takes quite a long time to generate, and once complete you end up with a very large Photoshop file that your computer may struggle to work with.

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