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Apartments for sale in Antalya by the sea have witnessed a sharp rise in the past three years. Prices have increased by an average of 15%. The average price of apartments in Antalya is around $150,000.

Antalya real estate is distinguished by its striking beauty, and Antalya is the fifth city in terms of population in Turkey. With a population of about 2,548,300, the price of apartments in Antalya is currently between 400,000 TL and 500,000 TL.

The city of Antalya is among the best-selling Turkish cities for real estate in Turkey, as it ranked fifth last year after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. The beautiful coastal city of Antalya is characterized by a warm climate, stunning nature, the beauty of its sea and beaches, the abundance of various entertainment venues, in addition to the large number of job opportunities and the establishment of projects. Profitability The city offers a more enjoyable, comfortable and less expensive lifestyle compared to other large Turkish cities. In addition to the city’s residents’ spaciousness and openness in dealing with foreigners of all cultures. All this increases the desire of local and foreign expatriates to live in the beautiful city. This growing interest and high demand for real estate in the city made it second only to Istanbul in terms of real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners.

Desirable areas by investors in Antalya 2023

The city of Antalya consists of 19 districts, 12 of which are located on the Mediterranean coast. 5 of these areas make up the city center, and real estate in Antalya can be divided according to the areas most desired by investors as follows:

It is favored by investors in the real estate sector due to its vitality and activity and the availability of major service and entertainment facilities and various official institutions, which is reflected in the ease of living, working, moving and benefiting from the services of these facilities and institutions.

1. Konyaalti area:

Konyaalti district, located in the western part of the city center of Antalya, comes at the forefront of the districts of Antalya in terms of being the most desired by investors in the real estate sector in the city.

2. Kepez:

The Kebbis region, located in the northern part, is home to the Antalya Medical City project, which work has begun to establish recently, which turns the region into a medical center and greatly increases economic activity. Real estate prices in Kepez are characterized by their cheapness compared to other central regions of Antalya, and it is noted that the Kepez region leads the regions of the city of Antalya in terms of the annual increase in real estate value.

3. Murad Pasha area:

The region is considered the economic heart of the city, as it includes the center of the old city, the tourist “Ige Castle”, and the neighborhoods of Lara and Kozal Oba.

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