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Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey, and one of the most exciting cities in it, thanks to its natural beauty, strategic location, and advanced infrastructure. The Turkish city of Bursa is located in the Marmara region in the northwestern part of Turkey, on the outskirts of Uludag Mountain, with its charming view of the Marmara Sea, and its area is 10,882 square meters. And its population is 3,137,265 people, according to the 2021 census. The city, which includes the mausoleums of six of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. The industrial zone in Bursa, which was established in 1961 in the Demirtas district, is the first organized industrial zone in Turkey

Advantages of real estate investment in Bursa:

The Sultans City Stock Exchange, or the Green Stock Exchange, as it is called, was present in all fields of life and left an impact that cannot be ignored on all levels. Bursa’s location close to the city of Istanbul and as the gateway of the East to the West and the entrance of the West to the East made it a link in which the originality of the past meets the modernity of the present. Thus, Bursa became an ideal and unique choice to live in and buy apartments for sale in Bursa. Bursa is also the city number one in terms of winter tourism, and it has the summit of Uludag Mountain, in which the World Ski Olympics was held more than once. Serving the region and building residential complexes, tourist centers and villages in it, until the city of Bursa became the first competitor to Istanbul in terms of real estate investment in Turkey until the city witnessed a reverse migration from Istanbul to Bursa. The huge amount of real estate investment that has taken place in the last ten years has made the ownership options diversified and accessible to everyone, especially for those wishing to buy apartments for sale in installments in Bursa or for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate in it, as Bursa is considered a real estate reservoir for everything that the word means. meaning

The most important real estate investment areas in Bursa:

Bursa is a fertile environment for real estate investment, and a unique destination for real estate investors. Bursa includes 17 districts, and each district has its own characteristics. Here are some of Bursa’s districts:

1- Nilufer area:

It is one of the most beautiful and famous areas of Bursa. This name was given to it after Nilufer Khatun, the wife of Orhan Ghazi, one of the princes of the Ottoman Empire. In 2016, the city of Bursa, along with 12 other municipalities out of 27,000 municipalities in Europe, obtained the European diploma issued by the Council of Europe. Nilufer is located in the western part of Bursa, and real estate investment experts called it the Future Bursa. According to some researchers, the city of Nilufer is the first populated area in Bursa.

2- Osman Ghazi area:

It is one of the central urban areas of the city of Bursa and is the fourth largest municipality in Turkey. According to a study prepared by the REIOIN organization, which reveals the living in districts and neighborhoods in 81 cities in Turkey, the Osmangazi district was able to rank 17 among the twenty best livable districts in Turkey.

3- Yildirim area

It is one of the neighborhoods of the city center of Bursa, established in 1987 AD, and today it is considered one of the most densely populated areas, according to statistics prepared by the municipality of Yildirim Belediyesis. It also includes many modern residential complexes, independent buildings, and a system of villas. The region is an important commercial center in Bursa.

4- Mudanya Region:

It is located 39 km northwest of Bursa on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, so it is one of Bursa’s gateways to the sea, and a distinguished destination for recreation and tourism, and its popularity has increased in recent years. The city is characterized by its natural beauty and its location on the Sea of Marmara, and the real estate movement in it is very active, especially real estate investment in villas and apartments of various sizes.

The urban renaissance taking place in the city of Bursa:

The location of the city of Bursa near Istanbul and its supervision of the Sea of Marmara has played an effective role in attracting real estate investors to it and building huge projects in it, especially the advanced infrastructure in it, as well as road, bridge and railway projects, as well as many industrial cities have been built in it, and dozens of shopping centers And huge trade centers, each of which includes hundreds of shops and offices with the latest modern designs and services that compete with the major trade centers in the world.

Bursa, which will be in the near future the heir to Istanbul, according to financial and economic experts, the real estate side will have a full share and a remarkable presence.

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